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David Wolf
Senior Vice President 
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Benefits of using Parker, Price & Wolfe, Inc.

We provide:

  • Review your collection procedures
  • Design & review credit applications
  • Design collection letters
  • Advise how to get personal guarantees signed
  • Show you how good credit increases sales
  • Cover you on your write offs

Collections methods include:

  • Computer dunning system if needed
  • Audit approach when needed
  • Aggressive personal contact
  • Corporate and UCC searches
  • Legal Action
  • Contingency no collection-no charge 
Berkley Mac McKenzie

About the Firm

Let us put our successful experience to work for your company.

“We will earn your trust and respect”

PPW is cognizant of your desire not only in the collection of the amount due but to salvage the debtor relationship. PPW provides personalized service to our clients to maximize the return of monies due and minimize your write offs. In the process of collecting we note the attitudes and excuses the debtors use. When solutions are found we will consult with you to make you aware of the issues and how to overcome them.

Accounts are worked within 24 hours of receipt.

​Our firm will provide you with monthly status reports upon request.

PARKER, PRICE & WOLFE, Inc. uses a professional approach in recovering your money. We believe it is easier to use background profiles, gathering Intelligence, checking the accuracy of the information against our massive database. Our investigator lines up our resources in the debtor's area that allows us to determine the best method of collection.

If you are looking for a professional approach to increase your cash flow your next call needs to be to us!

Lyman Fussell
Senior Vice President Sales
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Michael Price
Vice President
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